International Women's Day Part Two: A Fragile Noggin in the Workplace

Discussions on Concussions por Rachel Coombs Renwick

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Continuing our 3 part series for International Women’s Day, our special panel of women discuss what it is like to be a fragile noggin in the workplace.

Suffering from migraine and/or healing from a brain injury can easily impact your career. The next step you should do is evaluating what type of job is right for you and how you and your employer can best accommodate your fragile noggin.

Our Panelists:

Kacie ~ Migraine Nutritionist @migraine.nutritionist

Morgan ~ Neuroscience Researcher & Migraine Advocate @lifewithmigraine

Erica ~ TBI Coaching Consultant @ericarwalker878

Shruti ~ Migraine and CPTSD Awareness Advocate @chronicallymeh

Beth ~ Social Worker & Migraine Warrior @bethlouisefrances

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