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Welcome to talking trikes. Here we aim to bring some positive actions to the Human Powered Vehicle community by talking about great moments, how we are dealing with a halted series and what do we think is going to happen in the future.

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  • Talking Trikes // Episode 10

    Talking Trikes // Episode 10

    Welcome to the final episode of talking trikes for season one. This season we have talked to so many great people in the community, both Kyle and Darcy have learnt so much and we hope you have as well. Although this is the end of the first season, ARN is not finished for the rest of the year, there still will be plenty of videos out on our Youtube and Facebook page, as well as updates and media from our insta. This week we talk to Tim Corbett, Tim is an accomplished rider, builder and speed trike racer. We get to talk designs and testing as well as great times for Tim, not so great times and some funny memories.

  • Talking Trikes // Episode 9

    Talking Trikes // Episode 9

    This week we talk trikes with Rhys Bartlett from Wattle Racing. Rhys has had a huge history in the sport, and it was great to talk to him about racing and life in teams such as Tru Blu, Platt, Blueshift and Wattle.

  • Talking Trikes // Episode 8

    Talking Trikes // Episode 8

    In this episode of talking trikes we have a chat to Aaron Stewart from Aurora Racing. Aaron has some hilarious stories and some great memories to share and we loved having him on the show.

  • Talking Trikes // Episode 7

    Talking Trikes // Episode 7

    In this episode of talking trikes, the guys chat to not just a huge name in the pedal prix community, but a well known man in the pro peloton. Steele Von Hoff is the man on the show today, starting in 2000, he quickly moved up the ranks joining the Tru Blu team, here he dominated, grabbing many wins and one lap record of Casey Fields long track before moving to the road. After a long hiatus, Steele has returned to racing and is hungry to get back winning and work on getting back the legendary Tru Blu team.

  • Talking Trikes // Episode 6

    Talking Trikes // Episode 6

    On this weeks episode of Talking Trikes, Kyle and Darcy chat to Celia Cowan. Celia has a solid foundation in the sport and has mutliple wins and achievements to be proud off. Along with that we chat Rowing, Cycling and Parmy's!