The UK’s Vape Ban Explained | Vaping Unplugged Podcast with Reem Ibrahim Ep. 42

Vaping Unplugged Podcast by World Vapers Alliance

Episode notes

This week, we're tackling the UK's controversial move to impose a generation ban on vapes, a topic that's stirring debate across the nation and the world.

We explore the implications of the ban, the potential impact on public health, and get into the broader conversation on tobacco harm reduction and regulatory policies.

Joining us is a distinguished guest, Reem Ibrahim, Communications Officer and Linda Whetstone Scholar at the Institute of Economic Affairs. Known for her regular appearances on major platforms like the BBC, LBC, GB News, TalkTV, and her insights in The Telegraph, Reem brings a wealth of knowledge and a fresh perspective to our discussion.

Guiding us through this engaging dialogue is Julia Krill, the communications manager at WVA, whose expertise in vaping issues and advocacy sets the stage for a co ... 

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