The Network Age

by Bichul Ritsen and Habsul Rignyr

Hosted by crypto writer Bichul Ritsen and Uqbar Network community manager Habsul Rignyr. The Network Age shines a light on our decentralized future. Join the boys as they explore everything from crypto technology and the blockchain economy to digital culture and borderless nations. Connect with us on Twitter: @bichulR @habsulrignyr

Podcast episodes

  • Kinode OS (feat. Basile Genève)

    Kinode OS (feat. Basile Genève)

    This week we speak with Basile Genève, project lead of Kinode OS. We discuss our pivot from Urbit (and the name Uqbar), the main features of Kinode, and what you can expect from the future. We also say goodbye to The Network Age and invite you to join us in our other channels. Timestamps 00:01 - Kinode OS with a name change backstory. 03:53 - Rebranding. 06:20 - Pivoting a decentralized project to better realize goals. 09:14 - Rewriting the kernel and using wasm for decentralized app development. 14:24 - "just works" in tech, reliability, and user experience. 17:09 - Decentralized OS development and standards. 23:46 - Network architecture and robustness. 26:43 - Software robustness and resilience. 30:16 - Decentralized networks and their potential for software deployment. 37:12 - Integrating AI with decentralized computing resources. 40:15 - Decentralized AI and personal nodes. 46:41 - Performance of Kinode vs other programming languages. 49:54 - Decentralized operating system development timeline and features. Contact Us Edgar Josh Basile The Kinode OS discussion is happening on Discord

  • Cutting a Rug (feat. Spreek)

    Cutting a Rug (feat. Spreek)

    This week, it's Spreek: crypto Twitter's own crypto rug early warning system. He discusses his work in on-chain monitoring and stopping hacks in the DeFi industry, his experiences of saving people from potential losses, the highlights and lowlights of DeFi Summer, the challenges of smart contract security, and more. We've also got great advice on how to miss out on generational wealth. Another perfect episode you won't want to miss. Timestamps 00:00 Introduction and Background 03:00 Getting Started with On-Chain Monitoring 08:20 Highlights and Lowlights of DeFi Summer 14:08 The Challenges of Smart Contract Security 19:26 Building a Community and Interacting with the Crypto Space 25:32 The Future of DeFi and Investing in Crypto 28:49 Balancing Risk and Opportunities in the Crypto Market 32:37 Lessons Learned from Rugs and Scams 1:08:37 The Lesson of Life and Crypto 1:09:14 Generational Wealth and Selling 1:09:56 Holding Ground and Hedging 1:10:42 Wrapping It Up Mentions Casa (for seedless multisigs) Rabby wallet Contact Spreek Bichul Habsul

  • So says L0m3z (feat. L0m3z)

    So says L0m3z (feat. L0m3z)

    This week we speak with L0m3z of Passage Prize, Passage Publishing, and Twitter fame. Our theme: what's so wrong with legacy writing and publishing and will people actually buy books again if you just start your own publishing house and give them what they want to read? This is an extra special episode you won't want to miss. Timestamps 00:00 - Introduction & decentralized publishing and art creation. 09:20 - The success of a dissident art publishing project. 15:00 - Literature's decline and gatekeeping. 20:06 - Gender imbalance in literature and publishing. 28:27 - Art, politics, and publishing with a rightist perspective. 35:33 - Cultural homogenization and the loss of high art in democratized societies. 43:28 - Preserving cultural distinctness in art and literature. 48:21 - Language loss and cultural heritage. 54:08 - Literary voices and the Passage Prize. 58:22 - Writing, creativity, and personal life. 1:05:05 - Writing, publishing, and authenticity. 1:10:40 - Decentralized publishing and supporting new writers. Mentions Passage Publishing The Passage Prize Man's World Magazine Contact L0m3z Habsul Rignyr Bichul Ritsen If you liked this episode (a person of taste!), please go immediately to your podcast provider of choice and leave 5 star reviews of erudition and wit.

  • Born in the Vibe (feat. Grin)

    Born in the Vibe (feat. Grin)

    On this extra special episode, the boys are joined by Grin, founder and CTO of LBRY and tech lead for Cabin DAO. They talk about fighting the SEC and losing but still WINNING, the LBRY blockchain and Odyssee video sharing platform, about finding friends online to VIBE with and maybe even move into together, and more! Don't miss it. Timestamps 00:00 - Intro 01:53 - The origins and development of the decentralized library platform, LBRY. 06:02 - Decentralized video sharing platform Odyssey. 09:26 - Decentralized video platform Odyssee's discoverability and content culture. 16:17 - Curation and personalized content experiences. 20:37 - LBRY's popularity and SEC lawsuit. 29:33 - Crypto regulations and legal issues. 41:33 - Building a network of modern villages using technology and community. 49:35 - Novel ways to organize physical space and relationships through technology. 52:58 - Debt, relationships, and community in a libertarian context. 01:01:23 - Community-driven urban planning and sustainability. 01:06:07 - Creating a virtual event platform. 01:13:23 -, a community-driven event. Mentions LBRY Odyssee Cabin VibeCamp Hester M. Peirce's Statement of Dissent on LBRY Contact Grin Bichul Ritsen Habsul Rignyr

  • The Prose to Program Pipeline (feat. Henning Diedrich)

    The Prose to Program Pipeline (feat. Henning Diedrich)

    On this extra special episode, we're joined by Henning Diedrich, the visionary behind Lexon—a groundbreaking tool that's redefining the boundaries between natural language and code. Dive into a riveting conversation where we explore how Lexon is making the intricate world of programming accessible to everyone, allowing us to craft complex contracts and algorithms using everyday language. It's a journey from the nuances of human conversation to the precision of machine logic, and you won't want to miss it. Timestamps 00:00 - Lexon, a tool for legal and programming worlds. 01:01 - Democratizing programming with lexicon language for smart contracts. 06:38 - Natural language processing and smart contracts. 12:05 - Creating a new programming language for smart contracts. 17:26 - AI-generated lexicon and its implications. 21:27 - Language, philosophy, and programming. 26:24 - Programming with natural language. 32:23 - Using AI to write contracts and legal documents. 40:42 - Legal term "may" and its meaning. 43:05 - Smart contracts and blockchain technology. 48:25 - Using blockchain for gaming, including scripting and game development. 54:53 - Using AI for game design and development. 58:40 - Using blockchain technology in game development. 1:03:48 - Using blockchain technology for art and legal contracts. 1:09:17 - AI-assisted law enforcement and fairness. 1:16:05 - AI-powered Lexicon and its potential impact on the future of blockchain. Mentions Lexon Plenity Contact Henning Diedrich Bichul Ritsen Habsul Rignyr And, if you liked the episode, don't forget to give us a five star review. Say something nice and we'll even read it on the pod.