#247 Tony and Dave from GD Contracting Services Inc from Roofing to Renovations to so many lessons to learn

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

Tony Viera and Dave from GD Contracting Services Inc. are here to share their many stories, from a humble beginning working in roofing and eventually int renovations of all scopes. It all began with roofing, working with their Dad’s and uncles during all extremes of mother nature. Dave did it for 6 years and Tony for 20 years before he got out and began renovating.

This show will dive into the education of construction, the search for the next group of trades, the lessons learned from every employer they worked for and worked with. Construction has and always will be about learning every single day and the Dave and Tony carry that mindset to this very day since they have no plans in the near future to hang up the tool belts. There are major issues coming our way, with Tony and Dave, they know half of their staff is 5 years away ... 

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