Episode notes
Dick Tective has had a breakthrough on the recent slew of serial slayings, but will he find enough evidence to prove who really did it and set Frank Quitely free? Tune in to the comedic conclusion to last episode's cliffhanger!

Noir City Blues: Season 2, Episode 2 - Tying up the Trail of Tortured Tongues

Written by Matthew Morris and Jack Townsend

Featuring the voices of: Jack Townsend, High Priest Robi, Jeff Quach, Helene Schmehl, Helen Jaksch, Erica Durr, Killian Guilbeaux, James Lanius, Matt Standley, Andrew Farrier, and Matthew Morris.

Noir City Blues is a serial mystery parody produced by The Snake's Paw podcast. Support us by donation or subscription at http://www.ko-fi.com/thesnakespaw