11. Set your Salesforce Implementation up for Success by Setting Expectations up front in the Sales Process, with Alanna Steffens (Attain Partners)

The Tech Less Podcast by April Rust

Episode notes

In this episode, guest Alanna Steffens (Managing Director, Attain Partners) and host April Rust, discuss the challenges of implementing CRM solutions (and solutions!). We also take a closer look at how to up-skill consultants who may be great at configuration, but need help learning how to navigate the consulting business. Lastly, we wrap up with Alanna's personal journey of work-life integration.

Key learnings:

  • setting up a project for success by getting the pre-sales cycle right
  • identifying and qualifying a potential client to understand what strategy they might need, outside of a technical solution
  • qualities that make up an effective executive sponsor
  • setting expectations and navigating hard conversations with clients
  • coaching junior team members on consulting "how to's" and soft skills to enabl ... 
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