19: Sam Lander - Functional Health Practioner on the connection between gut-health and stress management & supporting your nervous system

Sunrise on the Inside by Nico Estrella

Episode notes

Sam Lander is a St. Louis, MO-based single mom, recovering addict, prison survivor, personal trainer, functional diagnostic nutritionist, DJs, and entrepreneur.

Sam used Functional Diagnostic Nutrition to heal herself from allergies, food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, and parasites. She’s also founder of SeeFit Living where she coaches people back to optimal health when they just can’t quite put their finger on why they feel bad.

She helps educate people about health, diet, stress reduction, rest, and proper supplementation to identify the root cause of why they can't perform at their A game. She has been on over 20 podcast educating people through her own personal journey and education. She is an influencer on social media using that platform to help people learn about health and top products to add into your daily life to  ... 

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