Voices in Transition - Gayle, Supporting Students Through School Transitions

Successful Student Transitions - A Time to Thrive by Louise Wiles and Elizabeth Gillies

Episode notes
In this Voices in Transition episode we are pleased to welcome Gayle to the conversation. Gayle is an experienced teacher and an Assistant Head who has a professional and personal interest in student transitionsIn this podcast episode we’re going to be discussing:
  • School strategies for supporting transition as students prepare to either enter the school or get ready to leave at the top end of the school. Gayle believes all teachers need to be informed to support students and parents. Transition is for everyone.
  • Gayle shares examples of intentional support for students and parents and how teachers are involved.
  • Gayle shares her own story of transition from school to university where she moved from a place of settled and success to a completely new world where time and effort was needed to re- ... 
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