Ep. 28: Thibault Serlet on Special Economic Zones - A Deep-Dive Into Their 1.000+ Year-Old History as Laboratories of Governance Innovation

Stranded Technologies Podcast by Niklas Anzinger

Episode notes

Niklas speaks with Thibault Serlet, the Director of Research at the Adrianopole Group, a firm providing intelligence on special economic zones (SEZs)

Thibault is one of the world's leading thinkers on the past, present and future of governance innovation through SEZs.

SEZs are business parks that are geographically walled off from the countries that they're in, and they have their own laws.

The most famous examples are Shenzhen, China and Dubai, UAE, which both were growing into modern megacities and hubs of technology & prosperity.

With the Open Zone Map Project, Thibault found more than  ... 

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