Stories From the Park

by Heritage Park

Stories From the Park explores western Canadian history and it's links to Heritage Park Historical Village in Calgary, Alberta.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Queer History in Western Canada

    Queer History in Western Canada

    In this special second episode of Stories From the Park focusing on Pride Month, Kesia and Dominic have a conversation about the wider history of Queer people in Western Canada. The guest for this episode is Candice Klein, PhD. Candice is in the department of history at the University of Saskatchewan.

  • Queer History in Calgary

    Queer History in Calgary

    Happy Pride Month! In the first of two very special Pride Month episodes, Kesia and Dominic have a conversation with Kevin Allen, a community organizer and historian behind the Calgary Gay History Project.

  • The History of Sandstone in Calgary

    The History of Sandstone in Calgary

    After a massive fire in 1886, Calgary officials recommended that major civic and religious buildings be constructed out of Paskapoo sandstone, rather than wood. Builder complied and the "Sandstone City" was born. In this episode, Dominic and Kesia learn speak with historian Harry Sanders about the quarries around the city, where the labour came from and the push to save these buildings in the 1960's.

  • The Prairie Chicken Dance

    The Prairie Chicken Dance

    It's one of the oldest forms of dancing in the Indigenous culture and it originates right here on the Prairies. If you've been to a powwow, you'll have seen the Prairie Chicken Dance. It's one of the most intricate dances, with amazing synchronization and artistry. In this episode, Dominic and Kesia learn about the dance and it's origins from Grant Many Heads, a senior interpreter at the Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park in Southern Alberta. This podcast was recorded in a live setting, so please excuse the lower sound quality.

  • History and Context

    History and Context

    "Those who don't know their history are deemed to repeat it," is how the old line goes. But is that really true? In this episode, Kesia and Dominic speak with Dr. Joe Anderson, a professor of history at Mount Royal University in Calgary. It's a conversation about history, why it's important that we understand it and the context that it can give us in our everyday lives. (Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this episode do not represent the views of MRU or Heritage Park. They are very much owned by the people who speak them.)