Stories From the Park

by Heritage Park

Stories From the Park explores western Canadian history and it's links to Heritage Park Historical Village in Calgary, Alberta.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • History and Context

    History and Context

    "Those who don't know their history are deemed to repeat it," is how the old line goes. But is that really true? In this episode, Kesia and Dominic speak with Dr. Joe Anderson, a professor of history at Mount Royal University in Calgary. It's a conversation about history, why it's important that we understand it and the context that it can give us in our everyday lives. (Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this episode do not represent the views of MRU or Heritage Park. They are very much owned by the people who speak them.)

  • Black History - Settlements

    Black History - Settlements

    In this episode during Black History Month, Kesia and Dominic learn about settlers who came from the United States, making their way to settlements around the Edmonton Area. Our guest is Deborah Beaver, a descendant of those people who made their way from the eastern United States and eventually found their way to settlements like Campsie, near Barrhead, where she grew up.

  • Hanukkah History

    Hanukkah History

    It's the festival of lights! Hanukkah celebrates the rededication of the holy Jewish temple in Jerusalem. In this episode, Dominic and Kesia learn about the origins of the celebration as well as what happens at the Synagogue at Heritage Park during the holiday season.

  • Beyond the Run: The Terry Fox Van of Hope

    Beyond the Run: The Terry Fox Van of Hope

    A new exhibit at Heritage Park will see the Van Terry Fox used in his Marathon of Hope displayed in Gasoline Alley museum until January of 2024. The Van of Hope became a symbol of the run itself and a place for Terry to seek refuge after a long day on the road and after public events. Dominic and Kesia speak with Terry's brother Darrell, who spent a couple of months in the van with Terry along with Terry's good friend Doug Alward.

  • Energy Transition (or is it Transformation?)

    Energy Transition (or is it Transformation?)

    The way Alberta has transformed its energy industry through time has been nothing short of remarkable. With a new exhibit open at Heritage Park, focusing on heating and cooling methods through time, Dominic and Kesia speak with Energy Economist Peter Tertzakian about the energy industry, it's seemingly constant state of flux, what's next and his EnergyPhile platform.