Spare Parts PodcastExplicit

by Jordan A Combe

We've all done crazy stuff. We've all made mistakes. We're all broken. We're all made of spare parts. 

Podcast episodes

  • Episode 29 ft Trav & Dru (Oedon)

    Episode 29 ft Trav & Dru (Oedon)Explicit

    BREEEEE!!!! My boys join me for the first time on Spare Parts to talk about what we've been cooking up lately. I absolutely love working with these guys in our band, Oedon. If you love heavy ass music or if even if you just love t...

  • Episode 28 ft Coco

    Episode 28 ft Coco Explicit

    Shalom brothers and sisters! Coltyne aka Coco aka W.W.A. aka the Hebrew Hammer aka Dr. Dreidel joined me on a spectacular episode of Spare Parts. I hope I don't get him canceled from my degenerate sense of humor. Go follow and lis...

  • Episode 27 ft God

    Episode 27 ft God Explicit

    Holy shit balls, my main man God himself decided to come join me on this episode and display to me some pretty devine revelation about Everclear. Listen to this shit if you wanna hear about my rants on heavy metal and vocals.

  • Episode 26 Han Solo

    Episode 26 Han Solo Explicit

    Ayy it's ya boi! Listen to me rant about cancel culture and nerdy shit. Oh and I featured some local music by WickedWalk and CC Tha Kid. Sue me!

  • Episode 25 - SOLO DOLO

    Episode 25 - SOLO DOLOExplicit

    Decided to do a solo episode today and just rant about dumb shit and attempt to be funny. I may have gotten a little fired up on this one doing some bits. It's your choice to be offended at the end of the day, so I hope yall enjoy...