Sonic Cinema PodcastExplicit

by Brian Skutle

Discussing movies and filmmaking with fans, critics and filmmakers. Whether it's modern movies or classics, the biggest hits or some of the worst movies of all-time, host Brian Skutle is passionate about looking at the breadth of movie history. You can read my written reviews and commentary on 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 9

  • S09 E02 - Blind Buys with Simon Watson

    S09 E02 - Blind Buys with Simon WatsonExplicit

    Our guest on this episode was actually on the Sonic Cinema Movie Chat back in 2021, and that discussion is what inspired this one. When a lot of people think about "blind buying" movies, they typically think about buying movies th...

  • S09 E01 - "Established Classics" - "Travels," "Waterfront" and "Success"

    S09 E01 - "Established Classics" - "Travels," "Waterfront" and "Success"Explicit

    After a slight delay, the "Established Classics" series continues, and begins the 2023 podcast year. As always, I am joined by actor Timothy J. Cox to discuss three terrific classics from Hollywood's Golden Age. This year, we begi...

  • Season 8

  • S08 E26 - Discussing "A Few Good Men"

    S08 E26 - Discussing "A Few Good Men"Explicit

    Thirty years ago today, my parents, my grandfather and I went to go see Rob Reiner's "A Few Good Men", and an unorthodox Christmas tradition for me was born. I've wanted to talk about the film with other people for a while, and I'...

  • S08 E25 - "Boy Scout's Honor" Interviews, and a Boy Scout's Memories

    S08 E25 - "Boy Scout's Honor" Interviews, and a Boy Scout's MemoriesExplicit

    On December 13, it will have been 30 years since my Eagle Scout Court of Honor. Also on December 13, the new documentary, "Boy Scout's Honor," becomes available. The film tells the story of Aaron Averheart, and several other Scout...

  • S08 E24 - Discussing Steven Spielberg

    S08 E24 - Discussing Steven SpielbergExplicit

    With the release of his semi-autobiographical film, "The Fabelmans," it's finally time to discuss Steven Spielberg in depth on the podcast. Joining me in a wide-ranging discussion of Spielberg's impact on film, how he means someth...