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by Brian Skutle

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 7

  • S07 E18 - P Owen Fasso and I on "The Omen" Trilogy

    S07 E18 - P Owen Fasso and I on "The Omen" TrilogyExplicit

    We begin our October of terror with an anniversary discussion. Joining me in P Owen Fasso of Death Ensemble, and we delve into his favorite horror franchise of all-time with "The Omen" Trilogy. In the prep for this podcast, I ende...

  • S07 E17 - "Established Classics" - "Mr. Smith," "Sunset" and "Angry Men"

    S07 E17 - "Established Classics" - "Mr. Smith," "Sunset" and "Angry Men"Explicit

    In this episode, we continue in the "Established Classics" series, as actor Timothy J. Cox and I look at Frank Capra's "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," Billy Wilder's "Sunset Boulevard" and Sidney Lumet's "12 Angry Men."

  • S07 E16 - Dragon*Con 2021

    S07 E16 - Dragon*Con 2021Explicit

    Brian discusses the return of the in-person Dragon*Con on Labor Day weekend 2021.

  • S07 E15 - The Delicate Humanism of Terrence Malick

    S07 E15 - The Delicate Humanism of Terrence MalickExplicit

    In this episode, there are some technical issues early on, but when Brian tackles two of the best films of the challenging, polarizing director, Terrence Malick, they're worth sitting through. The films chosen were his 2011 epic o...

  • S07 E14 - Discussing Alfred Hitchcock

    S07 E14 - Discussing Alfred HitchcockExplicit

    I've been wanting to have a discussion on three specific films from Alfred Hitchcock for a while on the podcast, and I think I found one of the ideal guests to join me in the talk in Morgan Roberts from the Untitled Cinema Gals Pr...