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by Brian Skutle

Discussing movies and filmmaking with fans, critics and filmmakers. Whether it's modern movies or classics, the biggest hits or some of the worst movies of all-time, host Brian Skutle is passionate about looking at the breadth of movie history. You can read my written reviews and commentary on 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 8

  • S08 E10 - Atlanta Film Festival 2022

    S08 E10 - Atlanta Film Festival 2022Explicit

    Brian recounts his favorite and best films from the 2022 Atlanta Film Festival, and shares interviews with director Erica Orofino (the short film, "She Keeps Me") and director Abi Damaris Corbin (the Opening Night presentation, "8...

  • S08 E09 - An Interview With Phil Hopkins

    S08 E09 - An Interview With Phil HopkinsExplicit

    Over the past few months, I've really enjoyed diving deep into the Blu-Ray releases from The Film Detective. So when the opportunity arose where I could talk to its founder, Phil Hopkins, I wanted to take the chance to do so. He i...

  • S08 E08 - Discussing Baseball Movies

    S08 E08 - Discussing Baseball MoviesExplicit

    With baseball season starting this week, how about a discussion of America's pastime on the big screen? Joining me on this episode is film critic Danielle Solzman, a freelancer who also runs Solzy at the Movies, and we discuss our...

  • S08 E07 - Oscar Thoughts with Amanda Spears & Brian's Top 10

    S08 E07 - Oscar Thoughts with Amanda Spears & Brian's Top 10Explicit

    We change up an annual tradition on the podcast. This year, I have awards watcher Amanda Spears on to discuss the Oscars, #PresentAll23 and help predict the winners. I also share my 10 Best list for 2021. I hope you enjoy!

  • S08 E06 - Discussing "The Godfather"

    S08 E06 - Discussing "The Godfather"Explicit

    Brian is joined by Carlo from The Movie Loot podcast to discuss Francis Ford Coppola's 1972 classic, "The Godfather," and what continues to make it such a unique and unassailable masterpiece after 50 years.