#SMWay Podcast

by Daniel Bader South Milwaukee

We can all learn something, right? The #SMWay podcast addresses current issues in Education, celebrates students and staff in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and addresses what challenges are in front of us as educators and as a community and how we can address them.

Who should listen to this show? South Milwaukee residents, for sure, but also anyone who takes an interest in education - whether they live in Wisconsin or an ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • What About.... Your Referendum FAQs

    What About.... Your Referendum FAQs

    For several weeks now School Board members and District representatives have been out in the community with tables, like at the Bucyrus Club and various sporting events talking to residents about the 2 million dollar non-recurring operational referendum that’s on the ballot on April 2nd. We had a big information night at the high school and have two more planned out in the community.  Today’s podcast is a version of one of those sessions – I’ve invited administrators from each area affected by the referendum to tell us about what the additional dollars would be used for The referendum is called Safe, Supported, and Successful. We’ll start with student and staff safety, then student success, and then hear about how we’re supporting students and staff.  Then, at the end, I’ll take the questions we’ve gotten about the referendum and ask Business Services Director Dan Arnold to answer them. 

  • STEAM NIGHT: See Yourself as and Inventor

    STEAM NIGHT: See Yourself as and Inventor

     Today’s episode is going to be a little different in that it deviates from our regular format. STEAM night – a celebration of all the work in our schools through the lens of STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math – is one of the biggest events during the year and certainly the biggest one-day academic event outside of graduation.  Today we’re bringing you three audio postcards or snapshots from STEAM night, one from technology, one from engineering, and one from the arts.

  • Building a Team Brick by Brick

    Building a Team Brick by Brick

    Today we’re talking about one of the newest student activities in South Milwaukee – First LegoLeague. If you’re not aware of what it is, it’s more than bricks and Lego figures, though those are certainly part of it. At the suggestion of a parent who wanted his daughter to be involved in some sort of robotics club, South Milwaukee Middle School started up two FirstLego League teams as an after-school activity. Today on the podcast we hear from two of those students and their coach and what that experience has taught them.

  • Giving Back to Belong

    Giving Back to Belong

    Welcome to the SMWay Podcast and the first episode of 2024. I’m your host, Daniel Bader. In our last episode, we heard about music students giving back to the community by using their talents to carol out in South Milwaukee. Today we’ll hear a little bit about South Milwaukee Middle School’s Cold Winter Warm Hearts initiative last year and how they’re building on that effort this year. While the projects are meant to help others, there is some real thought behind what giving to others can do for an organization’s internal culture and the members of that community. First, let’s hear from two eighth-grade students about what they did last year and its impact on them.

  • Spreading Cheer With Music Education

    Spreading Cheer With Music Education

    Apollo Jazz - an extra-curricular choral group - spent a day recently out in the community caroling. In this episode, we’ll hear from students why they joined the Apollo Jazz Choir, what it is, and hear some of their music. We’ll hear from the teacher-leader of the group, Aimiee Swanson, a little bit about how South Milwaukee High School’s two-person Music Department is growing and getting students really excited about music.