Shatterproof with Pastor Todd Callahan

by Charisma Podcast Network

You may be pressed, but you will not be crushed because God has made you Shatterproof! Pastor Todd Callahan will help you in your journey of faith and strengthen you to overcome the pressures of the culture so you can accelerate into the potential God has for your life. The Shatterproof podcast will feature relative topics and conversations along with powerful voices from around the nation that will speak into your life as we ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Special Guest: Seth Gruber

    Special Guest: Seth Gruber

    Pastor Todd welcomes Seth Gruber to Shatterproof! Seth’s impact is real, changing the hearts and minds of so many on their position on abortion. Joining the Life Training Institute as a pro-life speaker, Seth is now a nationally renowned voice for life, the founder and president of The White Rose Resistance, which has its origins during Nazi holocaust to end the racism infiltrating the world. Pro-Life Ministries is another recent project that Seth is facilitating at churches across the 50 States and abroad. Giving countless speeches to over half a million people so far, and reaching millions through media, Seth Gruber has launched a powerful movement that is moving forward, impacting today’s generation and preparing a future generation on all platforms across the United States.

  • Christians and The Climate Change Farce

    Christians and The Climate Change Farce

    Climate change, green energy, save the planet and battery powered vehicles are current conversation pieces throughout the culture in 2024, but what is the Christian's response and is the climate really changing naturally? Join me for a conversation about Christians and the Climate Change Farce. Instagram: @pastortoddcallahan Facebook: todd-xio callahan Web: YouTube: App Store & Google Play: Ignite Church VT

  • Special Guest: Kaya Jones

    Special Guest: Kaya Jones

    Kaya Jones is a Canadian-born singer, songwriter, and producer. Growing up in Las Vegas, by age 16 she had signed with Capitol Records, and in 2003 auditioned and was selected from thousands of other singers for a coveted spot with one of the most popular girl groups in history. One of the founding members of the group, Kaya Jones is perhaps best known as one of the lead singers for the Pussycat Dolls. Since leaving the Pussycat Dolls, Jones developed her career as a solo artist. At the age of 26, she became the youngest female in history to start her own record label. In 2019, Jones won a Grammy Award for a collaboration with gospel artist Jason Crabb. She currently lives in Florida using her testimony and experience to point the world to the life saving message of Jesus Christ.

  • Gap Filler

    Gap Filler

    There are so many places and spaces God is calling the Church to engage in the face of demonic principalities and powers, and it is time we take our rightful place and fill in the gaps that exist in our culture. If we stand around without engagement, the enemy will capitalize on our stagnation and cause greater chaos and confusion in our generation. The time is now to become a "Gap Filler"!

  • World Economic Forum, SatanCon, & more

    World Economic Forum, SatanCon, & more

    The World Economic Forum and it's global elites are attempting to redefine what it means to live in this world and use their influence to change the way we live our lives regardless of our convictions. Meanwhile, SatanCon 2023 is the largest satanic gathering in American history and is happening in Boston at the end of April. So while churches argue over budgets, sound levels, room temperatures, and vision, the territory is being occupied by demonic strongholds and influences. The Church has been commanded to occupy until His return, and it's time we get off of the spiritual lazyboys and start doing just that! It's time to occupy!