Secret Handshake Explicit

by Jacob Knight, Marten Carlson & Cody Bouchard

The podcast that covers the movies that help you identify your friends...and maybe make a few more along the way. Every week, Jacob, Cody, and Marten introduce a new title into their ever-growing collection of shared favorites, break them down to the basics, and decide whether or not they deserve to be bestowed with the oh-so-holy award of being a Certified Facemelter. What spine number will they cover this week? Tune in and fi... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 4

  • S04 E07 - Spine #46 - Silver Bullet

    S04 E07 - Spine #46 - Silver BulletExplicit

    When the moon is full, the boys become Constant Readers, hanging out with their drunk uncle Gary Busey and reminiscing about all the Stephen King flicks they've loved (and hated) over the years, starting with the famed horror auth...

  • S04 E06 - Spine #45 - Terminator 2: Judgement Day

    S04 E06 - Spine #45 - Terminator 2: Judgement DayExplicit

    Jacob and Marten discover that they really groove on THE WAY OF WATER and discuss the movie that started James Cameron's incessant need to improve the blockbuster for generations of movie fans. Is TERMINATOR 2 the greatest sequel ...

  • S04 E04 - Spine #44 - Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood

    S04 E04 - Spine #44 - Once Upon a Time...In HollywoodExplicit

    Autobiography is the running theme of '22, so the boys read Quentin Tarantino's new book ("Cinema Speculation") and then revisited his Proustian masterpiece, ONCE UPON A TIME IN...HOLLYWOOD to try and zero in why all these old mas...

  • S04 E03 - Spine #43 - Streets of Fire

    S04 E03 - Spine #43 - Streets of FireExplicit

    Tonight is what it means to be young. The boys looks back on the filmography of Walter Hill and wonder aloud if he's one of the finest action cinema storytellers who ever lived.

  • S04 E02 - Spine #42 - In the Bedroom

    S04 E02 - Spine #42 - In the Bedroom Explicit

    Todd Field is back, baby. To celebrate the writer/director's first movie in 16 years - the Cate Blanchett classical music cancel culture drama TÁR - the boys look back on his entire filmography through the lens of where it all beg...