Secret Handshake Explicit

by Jacob Knight, Marten Carlson & Cody Bouchard

The podcast that covers the movies that help you identify your friends...and maybe make a few more along the way. Every week, Jacob, Cody, and Marten introduce a new title into their ever-growing collection of shared favorites, break them down to the basics, and decide whether or not they deserve to be bestowed with the oh-so-holy award of being a Certified Facemelter. What spine number will they cover this week? Tune in and fi... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 4

  • S04 E13 - Spine #52 - Dead Ringers

    S04 E13 - Spine #52 - Dead RingersExplicit

    Separation can be so terrifying. To celebrate the new Amazon limited series remake, the boys revisit David Cronenberg's 1988 art house classic about twin gynecologists. Who's ready for hours of graphic childbirth?

  • S04 E12 - Spine #51 - The Evil Dead

    S04 E12 - Spine #51 - The Evil DeadExplicit

    DEAD BY DAWN! DEAD BY DAWN! To celebrate the release of EVIL DEAD RISE, the boys set their sights on yet another heralded cult horror franchise: Sam Raimi's deadite dismembering EVIL DEAD series.

  • S04 E11 - Spine #50 - Moneyball

    S04 E11 - Spine #50 - MoneyballExplicit

    We did it y'all! Spine #50! Spring Fever has hit America as we dive into MONEYBALL and a slew of cinematic baseball staples. Because, after all, how can you not be romantic about baseball?

  • S04 E10 - Spine #49 - Rocky IV

    S04 E10 - Spine #49 - Rocky IVExplicit

    THERE'S NO EASY WAY OUT! THERE'S NO SHORT CUT HOME! The boys talk Rocky Balboa and his legacy of being the ultimate underdog sports champion, breaking down Stallone's greatest series before diving into the CREED saga. Lace up the ...

  • S04 E09 - Spine #48 - Unbreakable

    S04 E09 - Spine #48 - Unbreakable Explicit

    They called me...Mr. Glass! In celebration of Night's newest spookfest (KNOCK AT THE CABIN), the boys break down Shyamalan's ahead of the curve secret superhero opus, UNBREAKABLE, and how it fits into the rest of the auteur's odd,...