Navigating Life While One Parent Is Frequently Out Of The Home with Rhoda Bangerter

Real World Parenting by Dr Laura S Anderson

Episode notes

In this episode, Dr. Laura Anderson and Rhoda Bangerter tackle how to thrive as a family when one partner is away a lot. They explore how to maintain strong parent-child relationships, teaching children to manage big emotions, and ways to reduce overwhelm.Rhoda Bangerter is a certified coach, a Speaker and the Author of “Holding the Fort Abroad”. Her husband has travelled for work their whole marriage and along the way, she realised the huge number of moms and dads around the world who experience the same challenges but with no resources to guide them through this journey. This led her to run extensive research, share her learnings through the book, Holding The Ford Abroad, and develop her services to support solo parents in long distance relationships or with travelling partners.What You Will Learn:

  • What could chip away at a parent ... 

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