COPYING with Leanne Cummins

Pole the Other One! by Siân Docksey

Episode notes

How do you learn without stealing other people's material? Is copying ever OK? Is there a pole dancing version of that time in comedy when everyone was doing a terrible impression of Stewart Lee?

Siân talks to multi-competition winning pole dance performer and instructor Leanne Cummins about drawing on your influences to find your own style. From working with your specific body type to putting obscure references from pop culture and literature into routines, Leanne gives us a fascinating insight to making performances totally your own. Find Leanne on Instagram: www.instagram.com/leannedancedance/

Pole the Other One! is produced and hosted by Siân Docksey, with original music by Amelia Bayler. You can support the podcast on Patreon at

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