Balancing Art, Chronic Illness, Caregiving, and Community: The Journey of a Risk Taker with Elle Billing

Nourish the Risktakers by Marissa Loewen | Create the Rules

Episode notes

What happens when caregivers need care? In this episode, we dive into the challenges faced by artists and caregivers, exploring the concept of "nourishing the risk takers. " Elle, an artist, caregiver, and podcaster, shares her journey of leaving a stable career in education to care for her parent with a degenerative disease and pursue her passion for art. We discuss the struggle of balancing commercial success with creating art that truly resonates with oneself and the audience, as well as the importance of supporting independent artists and caregivers. We also explore how to nourish and support artists in various ways, from signing up for their mailing lists to recommending their work to friends and acquaintances. We delve into the personal experiences of Elle, who moved back home to care for her ailing parents, and discuss the importance of mu ... 

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