S01 E01 - Travis Scott Luther '08

MSU Denver Alumni Bird Talk by MSU Denver Alumni
Jamie & Travis squawk about all things MSU Denver: including, Travis' life, careers, and how tripling your failure can lead to doubling your success.
Apr 03 2023

I'm Jamie Hurst and for the MSU Denver Alumni Association,
we're excited to bring you Bird Talk,
a podcast about our alumni, their careers and their lives.
students of Bird Talk.
Is that what we're calling it?
Well, so far, that's the working prototype.
You think of other ideas, just shout them out.
I'll send you an email later.
Okay, perfect.
I'm sure I'll have some.
Well, welcome everyone.
I'm Jamie Hurst.
I'm Travis Luther.
Excited to have you here.
This is a new and exciting venture, I think, for our alumni team and for the Alumni Association.
And so really wanting to get at the heart of this idea of who is the MSU Denver student,
what happens when you graduate and what kind of impact has this institution had on you,
but also what impact are you having on our communities?
Because h

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