MLOps Week 12: Building the Right Abstractions in MLOps with Doris Xin

MLOps Weekly Podcast by Simba Khadder

Episode notes

This week on the MLOps Weekly Podcast, Simba chats with Doris Xin, Co-founder and CEO of Linea, about the importance of notebooks in the data science workflow, choosing the right abstractions when going from development to production, and embracing the chaos of development in the MLOps lifecycle.

About Doris:

Doris Xin is the CEO of Linea, an MLOps startup on a mission to build developer tools that empower data scientists and enable organizations to generate value rapidly with data.

Doris received a PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. Her thesis focused on designing machine learning systems for developer productivity, research inspired by her experience as a machine learning engineer at LinkedIn. Her career includes engineering and research roles at Databricks, Google, LinkedIn, and Microsoft.

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