E21 - Melting the ego

Love Always Wins by David M Hazen

What if the dragon that is about to eat you was made of butterflies? What if you didn't see that earlier because you were so wrapped up in your fears? Take a closer look.Contact David, learn more about the evolution of a culture of peace, or leave a token of your appreciation at: lovealwayswins.us

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May 25 2023

We humans, and every other organism on this planet, are self-healing, self-correcting organisms in search of stability.

Welcome to Episode 21 of the Love Always Wins podcasts. My name is David Hazen. Today I’m talking about melting the ego.

Melting the ego is a major self-healing task for all of us, and unlike most tasks that have goals and strategies, this task is more like a random walk that has no goal and is a bit like allowing ourselves to be eaten by a dragon, but not your usual fire-breathing dragon. The dragon I’m talking about it is a magical, ecstatic dragon that is completely made of butterflies, butterflies that gently remove all the causes of unhappiness.

I don’t expect you to be comfortable with the notion of being consumed by any kind of dragon until you have experienced

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