Re-Education Camp: Crowder FORCED to Take YouTube's WOKE Course LIVE!

Louder with Crowder by Louder with Crowder

Episode notes

Last week, we were suspended AGAIN from YouTube for a video that was 15 months old. We'll show you the clip & we'll be taking YouTube's new policy course/questionaire LIVE. Also, our Mug Club Undercover team obtained footage of RFK accusing Eric Adams of being a 9/11 denier. Is there truth to that claim? Tune in.Guest: Josh FirestineJoin MugClub to watch this show every day! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclubWatch the FREE show on MugClub NOW:GET TODAY'S SHOW NOTES with SOURCES: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/sources/NEW MERCH! https://crowdershop.com/FOLLOW ME: Website:

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