S01 E09 - Leading the 3 Thinkers

Leadership 377 Podcast by Gary Hughey, Jr. CPC, ACC, BCC
We met with Dr. Temple Grandin, author, professor, and scientist, on our ninth expedition. She shared a treasure trove of ideas on determining and leading a team of both types of visual thinkers and verbal thinkers. She provided valuable insight into small team management, increasing team dynamics and communication, and facilitating exped  ...  See more
Mar 04 2023

Joining us today is Dr. Temple Grandin, and we're super excited to be able to talk with
her today, especially since she's got a new book out and we'll hit on that very shortly.
And it's very exciting, especially for leaders, because there's a lot of stuff in this book
in that she discusses with the visual and auditory learners that will be extremely beneficial
for leaders of all levels as they try to develop their teams.
Dr. Grandin, thank you and thanks for coming to our discussion.
Well, it's good to be here tonight.
If I could just start us off, for those listening and watching that have never heard of you
before or talked to you before, what motivated Temple Grandin, young Temple Grandin, to become
Dr. Grandin and focus into the livestock industry?
Well, the start in the liv

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