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For the people who run the country, and the people who keep the country running. 

Podcast episodes

  • In Conversation: Mike Hicks

    In Conversation: Mike Hicks

    Mike Hicks is the CEO and founder of Catalysis Advisory Ltd, a company that works with small and mid-market investors, chairs and management teams to inform decision-making and find solutions to issues around strategy, the organis...

  • In Conversation: Shelley Simone

    In Conversation: Shelley Simone

    Shelley Simone is an entrepreneur and founder of ScaleForEtail, the largest Amazon seller community in the UK. She is an e-commerce specialist having co-founded two high-growth start-ups and sold two Amazon Native brands in beauty...

  • In Conversation: Mark Wilson

    In Conversation: Mark Wilson

    Mark Wilson is the CEO and managing partner at Futurestate Design Co., a business innovation consultancy that helps grow digital companies.Mark co-founded Futurestate Design Co. (formerly Wilson Fletcher) in 2002 and over the year...

  • In Conversation: Neil Laughton

    In Conversation: Neil Laughton

    Neil Laughton is a former Royal Marines Commando, helicopter pilot and Special Forces Officer (21 SAS) turned successful entrepreneur. He is the founder and managing director of Laughton & Co Ltd, a training and development consul...

  • In Conversation: Alistair Corrie

    In Conversation: Alistair Corrie

    Alistair Corrie is a Chartered Accountant and Agile Consultant. He combines both his professions to help organisations understand and adopt the ways of working which best suit their ambitions. He has applied the Agile Mindset to h...