The Gender Paradigm with Abigail Favale

Life and Books and Everything by Clearly Reformed

Episode notes

What is feminism? What is intersectionality? Who is Judith Butler? How does childbearing change a woman? Why do Catholic feminist scholars have such interesting Italian last names? These are just some of the questions Kevin explores with Abigail Favale as they talk about her book, The Genesis of Gender (Ignatius Press, 2022). With learning, wit, and great aplomb, Abigail shares her how story of deconversion and reconversion and how she came to see, from the inside, the emptiness of mainstream feminist ideology.


0:00 Intro and Sponsor

2:10 Guest: Abigail Favale

26:01 Who is Judith Butler?

33:22 Is Gender Studies Godless and Truthless?

40:17 What is Intersectionality?

47:54 How do We Contend for the Goodness of Gender?

55:47 What Does the Bible Say to Gender ... 

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