How to Practice Traditional Yoga in the Contemporary World, with Komal Dadlani

The Yoga, Bellies & Babies Podcast by Krishna Hassomal

Episode notes

Yoga is often associated with stretching. It’s the classic ‘’Yoga is about being able to touch your toes’’.

Many of us often start going to yoga classes for the physical benefits, only later to find there is so much more.

10-20 years ago, we would say things like ‘’Yes I do yoga, but I don’t go for the spiritual stuff like the ooomms and stuff, I go to move and sweat’’. And let’s face it, we all know getting into headstand is not the goal, but it pretty cool if we could right?!

But, things are changing in the Yoga world.

One of the reasons it’s changing is thanks to teachers like Komal Dadlani, who are there to remind us Yoga is not a physical practice. In fact, the physical asana practice is only 1 small part of Yoga. Komal is one of those teachers, who skilfully includes and introduces the spiritual teachings of Yoga in  ... 

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