The Keys 2 Your Digital Kingdom - Episode 5: "OT in Action: Impact on Travel, Logistics, and Supply Chains"

The Keys 2 Your Digital Kingdom by Infosec K2K Ltd.

Episode notes

Join us for the next episode of our OT mini-series on The Keys 2 Your Digital Kingdom, where we delve deep into the world of OT security and its impact on travel, logistics, and supply chains. In this episode, we welcome back Kevin Kumpf, OT Strategist at Cyolo, to explore the critical importance of securing OT systems in these industries.

Discover the intricate web of OT security challenges faced by organizations in travel, logistics, and supply chain management, and learn how vulnerabilities in OT environments can disrupt operations and threaten business continuity. Kevin shares invaluable insights into effective strategies for mitigating risks and fortifying OT infrastructure against cyber threats.

Tune in to gain a comprehensive understanding of the role of OT security in safeguarding the backbone of travel, logistics, and supply  ... 

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