The Karmic Footprint & Evolutionary Invitation of Saturn in Pisces with Jim Seymour

Karmic Imprints by Diana Westly

Episode notes
In this episode of Karmic Imprints, I meet with fellow astrologer Jim Seymour to explore the energy, mythology, and astrology of Saturn in Pisces. Jim is the owner of Starduster Services where he serves as an astrological consultant, presenter, teacher, and writer. He is also a practitioner of bhakti yoga and mantra meditation, and a long-term student of the Vedic literatures, Ayurvedic medicine, Kundalini yoga, Feng Shui, Sacred Geometry, and Human Design. He brings his vast knowledge, rich lived experience, and integrative insights into this engaging episode.The topics covered in this podcast include:
  • The mythology and archetype of the planet Saturn
  • Advice for working with a prominent Saturn placement in the birth chart - e.g. Saturn in the 1st house, Saturn conjunct a personal planet, etc. - and/or navigating a major Saturn transit ... 
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