Imagine Me

by Danielle M. Finklea

A Podcast focused on improving self-image. Our perceptions of self influence our feelings of worth, capabilities, and purpose. Constant static can shape how we show up in the world. What is your internal dialogue? Join me, learn how to silence negative self-talk, and live more authentically.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • Did You Know You Don't Have To Be Aggressive?

    Did You Know You Don't Have To Be Aggressive?

    Dive into our latest episode where we explore the fine line between assertiveness and aggressiveness. Learn how to find your voice without crossing boundaries. Tune in now for valuable insights and tips! Subscribe to the Imagine Me Podcast to catch more episodes on various topics related to personal growth, communication, and navigating life. Follow us on Instagram at: Follow us on Facebook at:

  • Unsolicited Advice Part 2

    Unsolicited Advice Part 2

    Join us tomorrow morning for more on unsolicited advice. We are dropping nuggets to empower you with the skills to GRACEFULLY deflect unsolicited advice and foster healthier, more respectful interactions. If you aren't following us on FB or Insta, click the follow button so that you don't miss our new content and updates. Show your love by subscribing, reviewing, and sharing our podcast. Thank you Fam!

  • Unsolicited Advice: Part 1

    Unsolicited Advice: Part 1

    In this week's episode, we dive headfirst into the realm of unsolicited advice. Join us as we unpack the complexities of advice that we never asked for. Our conversation delves into the humorous, perplexing, and sometimes profound world of unsolicited wisdom. In part 1 we tackle how to avoid giving unsolicited advice. Tune in next week for part 2, deflecting unsolicited advice.

  • Radical Acceptance: Why & How?

    Radical Acceptance: Why & How?

    Join us as we explore the transformative power of Radical Acceptance. Discover how embracing life as it is, without judgment, can lead to profound personal growth and inner peace. In the spirit of radical acceptance, we are accepting our potential for growth in the sound department. Enjoy the bonus ASMR of running water and other random sounds from our recording space in the background. We're experimenting with some new sound software; Y'all I've tried tired to remove it and yet it persists. It is what it is. New season, new theme song! Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: X90TXNGLIPLIKZPL

  • Season 2

  • Better Together: How to Strengthen Your Friendships

    Better Together: How to Strengthen Your Friendships

    Hey Imagine Me Family! I'm late but the new episode is here! Recording and editing was a beast thanks the never ending thunder storms in Colorado. That means you get bonus thunder and running water ASMR in the background. This week's episode is in honor of National Best Friend's Day which was June 8th. Maya Angel is filling in for a couple of weeks. Today we are discussing what it means to be a good friend. Friends simply make life sweeter. This episode is dedicated to all of our friends both new and old.