Exchange Satan’s Lies for God’s Truth, Christianne Debysingh's Story

Her God Story with Jodie Chiricosta by Charisma Podcast Network

Episode notes

Embrace the liberating power of truth! Christianne Debysingh once sought to chart her own path, only to find herself trapped by the weight of past traumas. It wasn't until she surrendered to God that she discovered her true identity in Him and broke free from the shackles of her past. Through faith and setting righteous boundaries, she experienced the freedom that Christ offers to all believers. Join Christianne and host Jodie Chiricosta as they delve into Christianne's journey of faith, from childhood aspirations to navigating new beginnings, forging a new career, and answering the call to ministry and caregiving. Christianne's story serves as a testament to God's unwavering faithfulness. Tune in to discover how to exchange the enemy's lies for God's truth, and experience genuine freedom in your own life.

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