Innovating on Bitcoin with Alisia Painter from Botanix Labs - Flywheel #101

Flywheel DeFi by DeFi Dave, kapital_k

Episode notes

In this episode of Flywheel, DeFi Dave and Kiet interview Alisia from Botanix Labs details their journey in pioneering a Bitcoin DeFi. The episodes cover the project's inception on creating a Layer 2 solution for Bitcoin that's compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, aiming to revive BTC's innovative spark.

00:00 Welcome to Flywheel: Your Crypto and DeFi Hub

00:17 Exploring the Bitcoin Renaissance with Botanics and Spider Chain

02:12 Introducing Spider Chain: A Bitcoin L2 Revolution

02:58 The Journey of Alisia: From Global Finance to Crypto Innovator

18:34 The Future of Bitcoin and Ethereum: A Bold Perspective

22:35 Deep Dive into Botanix Labs and Spider Chain Technology

22:45 Building on Bitcoin: The Technical Breakthrough of Spider Chain

40:09 The Vision of Spider Chain: A New Era for ... 

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