High-Risk Maneuvers | Interview with Phil Flaman | Flaman

Flaman Connect by Trevor Grinde, Regan Kunz & Mitch Flaman

Episode notes

Danger is this episode’s middle name – well, a synonym, anyway.

Trevor, Regan, and Mitch explain how grain elevators could help pilots survive the Bermuda Triangle … if the Bermuda Triangle was in Saskatchewan.

Then David Fielding of TopKrop tells you how PH could spell disaster for your mixing tanks or poly tanks. He’ll have some tips on managing your acid-base balance to prevent a meltdown – or at least avoid taking your lumps.

Special Guest Phil Flaman of Flaman Ag Sales stops by with this dire warning: No matter how unbeatable you feel, you just can’t lick a frozen chain. He’ll also have some advice on getting into college without really applying and the value of being a true friend to your customers.

Hosts: Trevor Grinde - Senior Field Service Technician, Flaman

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