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by Craig Etheredge

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Podcast episodes

  • DAVID: Hope In Our Darkest Moments (3-19-23)

    DAVID: Hope In Our Darkest Moments (3-19-23)

    Do you feel trapped in your sin and exhausted from concealing it? Will you confess that to Jesus today? Jesus does not run from a sinful heart, but draws near and is drawing near to you today!

  • DAVID: Worshipping in God's Presence (3-12-23)

    DAVID: Worshipping in God's Presence (3-12-23)

    Community Engagement Pastor Josh McCasland examines God's desire for His people to have true worship in His presence.

  • DAVID: Stepping Out of Your Cave (3-5-23)

    DAVID: Stepping Out of Your Cave (3-5-23)

    What posture are you in today? Are you flat on your back? Are you on your knees? Are you barely on your feet? The good news is, you are not alone and through Jesus can you stand up and walk out of your cave!

  • DAVID: The Unexpected Champion (2-26-23)

    DAVID: The Unexpected Champion (2-26-23)

    Most of you have heard the story of David and Goliath. In our culture it has come to represent the “little guy” beating the “big guy.” But there is so much more to this story. Pastor Craig Etheredge provides a completely new persp...

  • DAVID: God Sees (2-19-23)

    DAVID: God Sees (2-19-23)

    David wasn’t great because he was naturally talented, gifted or smart. He wasn’t great because of anything that was in him, he was great because the Spirit of God was working through him!