Ep 87 - Becoming a sustainable athlete with World Champion Grayson Murphy

Femmi Pod by Lydia O'Donnell

Episode notes

In this episode we welcome the two times Mountain Running World Champion, Grayson Murphy, otherwise known as Racin Grayson. Grayson didn’t find running until a little later in life, at university, and has now gone on to be one of the best runners in the world. Grayson is not only an amazing trail runner, but she has also achieved some pretty amazing results on the track and the road too. We chat to Grayson about her running career, as well as her pure passion for the sport, and her desire to help more women to be seen the running space too.

Follow Grayson on IG - @racing_grayson

Check out the 2024 edition of Grayson's Training Log + Planner (coming in Nov '23).

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