Avoid Exposure To The 5 Heavy Metals That Are Ruining Your Gut Health! - with Dr. Wendie Trubow | Ep. 47

Gut Health Reset with Dr. Ann-Marie Barter by Dr. Ann-Marie Barter

Episode notes

Today on the Gut Health Reset Podcast, we are discussing exposure to heavy metals with special guest Dr. Wendie Trubow! Heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and thallium, are toxic substances that can build up in your body and threaten your health. These toxins tend to most often come from your food and your immediate environment, so it’s important to be able to identify possible points of exposure in your day to day life to help maintain a healthy body and a healthy gut!

In today’s episode, we will answer these questions:

- How can you avoid heavy metal exposure in your food and environment?

- What are the symptoms of exposure?

- What is the best way to test for heavy metal exposure in your body?

- And more!


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