Fearful Symmetry

by Bob Paris

Sonic tales of sordid histories, tender parables, and lost creatures. Frightening and cuddly, Fearful Symmetry is a shape-shifting beast lacking commercial smarts or sense enough to come in out of the rain.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • The New Age

    The New Age

    Are you ready for profound philosophic interrogations and deep communion with soulful humans? Step toward the light.

  • Monsters


    A father with dementia, an exhausted war horse, a child's dream, and a bomb that drops again and again. The true-story episode.

  • Seth Horton's Super Bowl

    Seth Horton's Super Bowl

    War, football, mousetraps, mansplaining and a-hole massagers. So many happy thoughts. You know you want it. You want it bad.

  • Shredded Ralstons

    Shredded Ralstons

    Bogus quotes, badly-treated lambs, the abomination of the Donald and now someone has stolen leftovers from the company fridge. Don’t worry. There’s always Shredded Ralstons. It's full of that cowboy energy. You'll be just fine.

  • The Apes that Bomb

    The Apes that Bomb

    Talking cows, lost piranhas, and absolutely f*cked up primates. Splendiferous exhalations from Planet Earth.