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Shutting our doors and doing what's best for students with Chad Pettit

DissectEd by Michaela Keegan Jedele

Episode notes

Spend some time with Chat Pettit, and you'll understand why he's one of America's favorite TikTok Teachers. I met Chad on TikTok (you know, my new favorite place to hang out), and I was immediately drawn to his genuine take on the teaching profession, mental health and, of course, his humor.

The thing is, while being funny is certainly entertaining, Chad has a way of connecting with students and teachers that is comforting and safe. His authenticity is refreshing and needed, and you will walk away from this episode ready to stake your claim to the teaching profession again.

Find Chad at www.chatpettit.com and follow him on social media: @that.teacherguy on TikTok; @chad_pettit1 on Twitter and Instagram

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