Drash It Like It’s Hot

by Congregation Beth Israel - Austin, Texas

Welcome to "Drash It Like It's Hot," your window into the insightful and uplifting Shabbat sermons delivered by our amazing rabbis at Congregation Beth Israel in the heart of Austin, Texas.

Each week, we'll dive into the wisdom and teachings shared by our rabbis, exploring the meaningful messages that resonate with our community. But before we delve into the sermons, we'll also bring you the latest updates and hodaot f ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Shabbat Behar

    Shabbat Behar

    Enjoy this week's drash by Rabbi Folberg!

  • Shabbat Kedoshim

    Shabbat Kedoshim

    Enjoy Rabbi Folberg's drash, as well as guest, Savannah Farmer.

  • Shabbat Achrei Mot

    Shabbat Achrei Mot

    Enjoy this week's timely drash by Rabbi Folberg.

  • Shabbat haShavua

    Shabbat haShavua

    Enjoy this drash by Rabbi Kelly Levy.

  • Shabbat Metzora, Shabbat Gadol

    Shabbat Metzora, Shabbat Gadol

    Enjoy Rabbi Folberg's crash! The Rabbi Pal video can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmdTEk1b1z8