Latest AI Trends: ChatGPT got sued; What Will Working with AI Really Require?; Civilization's BIGGEST Advancement: Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality?; Giving AI emotions

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Episode notes

ChatGPT just got sued!

A man named Mark Walters, who is a radio host from Georgia, is suing OpenAI. He's upset because OpenAI's AI chatbot, called ChatGPT, told a reporter that he was stealing money from a group called The Second Amendment Foundation. This wasn't true at all.

The lawyer who used ChatGPT's fake legal cases in court said he was 'duped' by the AI, but a judge questioned how he didn't spot the 'legal gibberish'

A lawyer who used ChatGPT to help write a legal filing said he was "duped" after it turned out the AI made up fake legal cases, Inner City Press reported.

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