Episode notes

• The magic spot: Poetry as synchronicity and its role in manifestation

• Temporal receiving and resonance with sound

• Dani deemed THE liminal criminal

• The Machiavellian Angle and vulnerability

• Demystification and the navigation of liminal Spaces

• Agnosticism: Polarity as an obfuscation of Truth.

• Our experience of Time is exceptionally WEIRD these days, right?

• Dani intuits Michael’s strong Gemini astrological placements

• The magical and covert imagination of Roald Dahl

• The CIA funnel: Reality shaping and the covert propaganda machine

• The Scooby Doo Effect: Unmasking the boogie man

• Riding the wave of Beauty, Love, Life and Truth

• Serving Sound and the all-encompassing connectivity of Love

• Searching for gnomes and the importance of good dental hygiene

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