Episode 10: The Fight

By Way of the Sea: A Regency Era Audio Drama by EraLore Studios

Episode notes

Kwesi and Elena share an important talk about destiny, honoring their elders, and taking full advantage of second chances. Then, the ladies venture into the jungle to gather fruit while Kwesi and Silas start a small fishing competition. But the competition between them grows, exploding into a fight over Elena’s attention and affection. Displeased with their display, Elena puts them both in their place, leaving them to brew over their words and actions.


Brenna Patzer as Elena

Enzo Leone as Silas

Gervais Weekes as Kwesi

Sunny Snow as Bahia

EPISODE COVER ART:"Morning in the Jungle" by Illustrokrat'

By Way of the Sea' is produced by Eralore Studios and written, directed, sound produced, and musically composed by Ashley Snow.