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Tyler, Mary Boo and Carmen Visit Bimboland!

Lo Fi Lit by Tyler Burn

Episode notes

On this episode I invited Carmen and Mary Boo from past episodes to discuss Erin Taylor's poetry collection Bimboland. Out by Archway books. We start off the program talking about Mary Boo's residency she's put together with Zoe . Then we move on to a short film called "The Burden" I asked both to pick one or two poems from Bimboland to talk about! This starts in at around 30 mins in. Enjoy the show. It was so fun and such a great time.These two have been on before and I enjoy both of them so much. I feel like they both up my game and also I feel very like comfortable and I vibe well with both of'em . We kind of ricochet off each other, creatively.

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