Books With Bagby

by Greg Bagby

The podcast will take a journey into some favorite books of a lifelong educator and learner. Beyond scratching the surface of the content, we will learn about the books from the authors themselves. Join us as we open to the next chapter of Books with Bagby. Special thanks goes out to the amazing graphic designer!! @artbygussie

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Tammy Dunbar's Soapbox and Passions BWB021

    Tammy Dunbar's Soapbox and Passions BWB021

    I get the opportunity to hear from my good friend and fellow NCCE Professional Learning Specialist Tammy Dunbar. Tammy Brecht Dunbar, M.Ed., S.T.E.M. teaches 5th grade in Manteca (CA) Unified and is a 2018-2019 Fulbright Teachers for Global Classrooms Fellow. She was named 2016 California Woman of the Year, Assembly District 12, won the 2018 ISTE Literacy PLN Award for #CultivateWorldLiteracy and is a popular presenter and trainer in the US and around the world. She was recently a featured presenter on Microsoft’s Hack the Classroom event, which was broadcast to a global audience of more than 50,000. She is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow, Skype Master Trainer, NCCE Professional Learning Specialist, CUE Rock Star Faculty member, Teach SDGs Ambassador & Ambassador. She won an eInstruction $75,000 Classroom Makeover Video Contest, wrote a successful Enhancing Education Through Technology federal grant for Manteca Unified, and was named Manteca USD Teacher of the Year.With almost 20 years of experience as an educator and trainer, Dunbar has developed and delivered professional learning for educational conferences and communities across the country on such topics as Building Empathy through Global Communication & Collaboration, Hacking the Classroom, STEM on a Shoestring, and all the Microsoft showcase products like Minecraft, MakeCode, Sway, PowerPoint and Forms. She loves sharing ideas and strategies through her blog on and on the Microsoft Educator Network. As a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Fellow & Master Trainer and an NCCE Professional Learning Specialist, she embraces the opportunity to share her knowledge with educators from around the world while learning from them. She wants everyone to know that Teacher Geek is Chic!Tammy Brecht Dunbar, M.Ed., STEMEmail: OR TammyDunbar@outlook.comGo to this Sway

  • The Interactive Class: Using Technology to Make Learning More Relevant and Engaging in the Elementary Classroom W/ Joe and Kristin Merrill BWB020

    The Interactive Class: Using Technology to Make Learning More Relevant and Engaging in the Elementary Classroom W/ Joe and Kristin Merrill BWB020

    In this episode I have the Merrills.Kristin is a fourth grade teacher, certified Microsoft Innovative Educator, and Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator. She is an ambassador for: Flipgrid, Seesaw, Classkick, and Buncee. Kristin has co-hosted events like Ed Camp Flipgrid, and is also one of the moderators of the #FlipgridFever chat. She has been teaching for over 13 years and works hard to engage students in learning by reaching them in ways that are responsive, relevant and interACTIVE through the intentional infusion of technology in the classroom.Joe is a first grade teacher and certified Microsoft Innovative Educator. He is an Apple Certified Educator, Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator, and Flipgrid Certified Educator. He is an ambassador for Flipgrid, Seesaw, Buncee, and Book Creator. Joe is also one of the moderators of the #FlipgridFever Twitter chat. He has spent the last four years implementing 1:1 iPads. Joe has co-authored the books "The InterACTIVE Class," (Elevate Books EDU), "The Microsoft Infused Classroom," (Elevate Books EDU) and self published several eBooks: “#AppSmashing with @MrMerrillsClass” (Vol. 1 & 2), which are available for free download on are also on twitter

  • Stevie Frank's Soapbox and Passions BWB019

    Stevie Frank's Soapbox and Passions BWB019

    In this episode I sit down with the amazing Stevie Franks and we discuss books as well as her education passions and soapbox.On Twitter: @Steviefrank23Matt Miller- AI for EducatorsBeing the Change: Lessons and Strategies to Teach Social Comprehension

  • SchoolX: Redesign your school for the people right in front of you With Jethro Jones BWB018

    SchoolX: Redesign your school for the people right in front of you With Jethro Jones BWB018

    In this Episode I sit down with educator Jethro Jones.Jethro Jones, 2017 NASSP Digital Principal of the Year, is host of Transformative Principal, where he interviews principals, leaders, and influencers who help improve K-12 education throughout the world. He is also the founder of Transformative Leadership Summit, which is like his podcast, but on steroids!While growing up, Jethro attended five elementary schools, a middle school, and three different high schools.This experience instilled a desire to provide the most nimble educational experience possible, so that all students, no matter how long they are at his school, can pursue their own interests and work to their individual potential.Jethro has always pushed the envelope on learning situations. As principal at Kodiak Middle School he implemented a flexible schedule that allowed students to have Tier 2 interventions and enrichments. These complex logistics are facilitated with the Pickr app.At Tanana Middle School, Jethro created a synergy program which enabled students to create a solution to make the world a better place. Over 100 different projects were created by students, some big, some small.Jethro has also focused heavily on disciplinary practices that reduce suspensions for African American and other minority students.Jethro has provided simple solutions to complex educational problems as a principal, district coach, library supervisor, and middle school teacher.Move up Transformative PrincipalOn Twitter @jethrojones

  • Pass the Baton With Kathryn Finch and Theresa Hoover BWB017

    Pass the Baton With Kathryn Finch and Theresa Hoover BWB017

    In this episode we look at the book Pass the Baton. Theresa Hoover is a music educator, speaker, and writer. She is an advocate for student voice in the music room and works to empower students throughout their musical experiences while helping teachers transform their classrooms into student-centered learning environments.Currently, Theresa teaches middle school band in Northern Virginia, opening a brand new middle school in 2019. Prior to moving to Virginia in 2016, she taught instrumental, general, and vocal music in a variety of settings in Pennsylvania for 13 years. She holds a bachelor’s degree in music education from Penn State University and a master’s degree in wind conducting from West Chester University, both in Pennsylvania.Theresa is a recognized presenter and clinician at conferences at the local, regional, and national level including the International Music Education Summit, the Virginia Society for Technology in Education, and several state music education conferences. She is a Google for Education Certified Trainer and was selected as a member of the Google Certified Innovator program, participating in the London 2019 cohort.In addition to her school teaching, Theresa was the founding director of the Chester County Youth Wind Ensemble and currently serves on the staff of the Virginia Winds Academy. She has also been the guest conductor for several elementary and middle school ensembles in Pennsylvania and Virginia.When not teaching you can find Theresa curled up with a good book, on the running trail, traveling to visit family and friends, or spending time with her dog Dizzy.Kathryn Finch has twenty-two years of experience in the elementary general music classroom and currently teaches in a northern suburb of Chicago. She speaks passionately about the shift in music education from teacher-led activities to student-led activities and focuses on practical ways music educators can transform their classrooms to empower their students to own their learning.She has been a guest on the Music Ed Mentor podcast on empowering music students, and recently joined the team at Activate! magazine as a contributing author of general music lesson plans. A published work of Kathryn’s, Creating Adaptive Instruments with a Makey Makey, can be found in the fall 2019 issue of the Illinois Music Educator Journal as she is also passionate about an inclusive music experience for all her students. Kathryn has coauthored two teaching resources, "Full STEAM Ahead: Lessons to Shift Instruction, Empower Students, and Transform Your Music Classroom" and "Everyone Loves a Story: Bringing Books to Life through Music." You can read about Kathryn’s professional journey at received her bachelor’s degree in music education from Augustana College and her master’s in music education from VanderCook College of Music. She is a co-creator of the #BlairFinchProject, certified in all three levels of Orff Schulwerk, an Apple Teacher, and serves as a technology leader in her school district.Kathryn lives near Chicago, Illinois, with her husband, two children, an energetic Brittany spaniel, and an emotionally challenged Chihuahua. If she isn’t writing, Kathryn is taking walks with the dogs, experimenting in the kitchen, or creating sewing projects with her family to support local organizations.Check out for more info and free resources!Find them both on twitter at @MusicalTheresaand @SingingFinch1