Blush Cameron's New Podcast

by Blush Cameron

Blush Cameron is a musician and artist living in Philadelphia, PA. This is his podcast where he talks to other artists and musicians about their history playing music and whatever else comes up.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Isaac & Fred (Strange Ranger)

    Isaac & Fred (Strange Ranger)

  • Luk Hendericks (Teenage Halloween)

    Luk Hendericks (Teenage Halloween)

    today i'm talking to my pal luk about the new self titled teenage halloween album, living in nj, philly and brooklyn and their respective scenes, politics, bands we like, and a bunch of other stuff. luke's hot sauce: my socials etc:

  • Sam Boyhtari (Greet Death)

    Sam Boyhtari (Greet Death)

    this episode we talk about: -greet death origin and lore -signing to deathwish -fighting games, music and getting good at stuff (“the invisible progress bar”) greet death twitter: greet death insta: sam's solo music: my stuff:

  • Aaron Hemphill (Nonpareils)

    Aaron Hemphill (Nonpareils)

    this is a crazy episode for me. aaron used to play in one of my all time favorite bands called Liars. i discovered Liars when i was 13 when i happened about their first record in an FYE and i've been following them ever since. now aaron plays in an amazing project called "nonpareils". so excited and honored to share this episode today. aaron on instrgam: nonpareils "scented pictures' album visuals on youtube: nonpareils on spotify: my instagram: my twitter:

  • Haley Butters (Absinthe Father)

    Haley Butters (Absinthe Father)

    haley's here. we talked about: -selling vintage shirts -drug abuse / sobriety -learning to play music as an adult -“this band fucks” twitter account -internet clout -new music -absinth father, drill sergeant, stud count Listen to "Ribbons on the Cuffs": My socials: Haley Twitter: Haley Instagram: