The Blood Money Podcast

by Waypoint Outfitters

This podcast will be defining the occupations in and around the outdoor sector. These are back-stories of the blood, sweat, and tears that have been shed by individuals striving to live a life close to nature.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Hard Questions, Honest Answers

    Hard Questions, Honest Answers

    Josh, Morgan, Jay, and new guest Lydia sit down to ruffle some feathers on honest topics. If you are looking for an outfitter to book with you don't want to miss this episode. We pinpoint the right questions to ask, the gear to focus on, and some tips on how to get ready for a guided western hunt.

  • Decades of Experience

    Decades of Experience

    Over 200 years of hound hunting experience sits at one table and tells stories of hunting, technology, hounds, and how it all has changed over the years. In this episode we talk to Josh's idol in bear hunting, Dick Heavner, Jim Merschat, and Calvin Schrock about the advancement of big game hound hunting as we get insight into what it used to take to hound hunt decades ago. We also get to hear some interesting animal attack stories!

  • On-Point with Waypoint

    On-Point with Waypoint

    In this weeks episode we sat down with long time friend and outfitter Michael Hartmen of On-Point Outfitters and his guides to talk about bird hunting and dog. We continue getting an insight into what all hunters that use dogs have in common, the love for the dogs and the sport.

  • Passion for Pay

    Passion for Pay

    On this episode we sit down with Jeremy and Erik , owners and guides of Backbone Mountain Guide Service, to talk hound hunting in different areas of the country, the passion and determination it takes to run a hound hunting operation, and to tell stories that describe the love they have for the sport and their hounds

  • Cat on a Stick

    Cat on a Stick

    We promise this episode is worth the wait. We sit down with Jim Merschat, Josh's dad, to talk about the first 2 weeks of our hound hunting season. Also joining to add into the conversation is Walker, Brock, and Ben.