Interview 076 with Kevaughn Hunter

Black America and Covid by Sonja J Killebrew

Episode notes

Listen to Adjunct Professor and writer Kevaughn Hunter who was born in The Bronx and raised in Brooklyn, New York share about living in New Jersey during the pandemic. His family is from the island of Jamaica and he identifies as either Black or African American.

“I remember actually being in class teaching, and I think it must have been the beginning of spring semester, when the news was coming out. This is the earliest memory that I have, because I remember sitting on my desk in an English class and the students were talking about, I think, that the college was thinking about closing or postponing or something and we were like, ‘I don’t think that will happen,’ because it’ll only be maybe a week or two and then we’ll be back. And then we weren’t back for a couple years…”

“…In Jersey when the when the mask mandates we ... 

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