Back In Action PodcastExplicit

by Kenny and Justin

We (Kenny and Justin) are two friends that have started a (mostly) gaming podcast. We hope you enjoy our nightmarish ramblings as much as we enjoy doing it. 

Podcast episodes

  • E04 - Episode 4: Stygian Pits

    E04 - Episode 4: Stygian PitsExplicit

    Kenny and Justin discuss homophobia, ancient beings, and the art of social awkwardness.

  • Bonus

    Mini-sode 1: Kenny's Girlfriend

    Mini-sode 1: Kenny's GirlfriendExplicit

    Kenny and his very real girlfriend who exists talk about her move to Milwaukee after a "brief" hiatus for the Back In Action Podcast.

  • Episode 6: Side B

    Episode 6: Side BExplicit

    Da boiz continue their talks about beer, furries, and monster girls.

  • Episode 6: Side A

    Episode 6: Side AExplicit

    Kenny, Justin, and friend of the show Michael are put on a list after discussing pedophilia, the big gay, and slurs.

  • Episode 5: Covid and conferences

    Episode 5: Covid and conferencesExplicit

    ;Kenny and Justin discuss intense violence, racism, Sony's brain scouring campaign, and STAAAAAAARS.