S01 E74 - Episode 74: What's New in Azure Policy

The Azure Security Podcast by Michael Howard, Sarah Young, Gladys Rodriguez and Mark Simos
Michael and Mark talk to Kemley Nieva from the Azure Governance team about some of the recent updates and improvements to Azure Policy. We also cover the latest Azure security news covering Microsoft Security Copilot, Azure Functions, SQL Managed Instance, Azure Backup, Ephemeral OS disks, Azure Cache for Redis, Azure SQL Database, Azure  ...  See more
Apr 07 2023

Welcome to the Azure Security Podcast, where we discuss topics relating to security, privacy,
reliability and compliance on the Microsoft Cloud Platform.
Hey everybody, welcome to Episode 74.
This week we have myself, Michael and Mark.
Sarah and Gladys are off right now doing some pretty busy stuff.
And we also have a guest, Kemley, who is here to talk to us about some of the latest and
greatest features in Azure policy.
But before we get to Kemley, let's take a little lap around the news.
Mike, why don't you kick things off?
A couple things I share from my own observations and then some big news from a Microsoft perspective.
One of the things that came up recently was an interesting discussion around what are
the top attacks and the top things that we see and essentially how the attackers

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