S01 E79 - Demetrius & the Successors of Alexander the Great with James Romm

Aspects of History by Oliver Webb-Carter
This week's guest is James Romm, author of Demetrius: Sacker of Cities. James is an Ancient Historian and an expert in the period after the death of Alexander, when 5 families fought for control of his empire. Demetrius was one of them, and was a hugely attractive figure.Oliver and James chat about whether Alexander was murdered, Pyrrhus  ...  See more
Mar 18 2023

It's not unlike the mafia where the only loyalty that these families can count on is either blood, preferably, or marital ties.
So they use marital ties to establish alliances, to defuse enmities.
So people who are fighting each other on the battlefield one year would end up in-laws a few years later.
Hello and welcome to the Aspects of History podcast. My name is Oliver Webcarter and I'm the editor and your host.
Today's chat is with ancient historian James Romm, whose specialist subject is the period immediately after the death of Alexander the Great, and is described as the Wars of the Successors.
Many of you may not be familiar with this period, but don't worry, we introduced that world, and as you've heard from James at the top there, there's a series of dynasties that battle each oth

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